Clarification & known behaviour.

Powering cycling the I/O board (cabinet), while leaving the JVS-PAC connected and powered up will result in state which requires the JVS-PAC to be restarted (disconnect USB or restart computer).

The firmware upgrade software does not work with Windows 7.

LED0 and LED1 blink continuously

This is the JVS initialization phase, where the JVS-PAC configures the IO board. It will loop through this phase until successful. Possible causes for failed initialization:

USB test

If the JVS-PAC is having trouble being recognized as a keyboard, disconnect it and set a jumper on JP7. This will light up LED1, LED2,bypass all JVS functionoality, and just initialize the USB keyboard functions. You can use this to test it on a different computer not connected to an I/O board for diagnostics.

Failed firmware upgrade / dead board after upgrade

The firmware upgrade process should take ~ 15 seconds. In some rare cases it will finish in about 2 seconds, and LED2 will only light up briefly, this means that the firmware upgrade failed. Workaround:

Displaying diagnostics

To have the JVS-PAC type out information about the I/O board and state, open notepad on your computer (and make sure it is the active program), then briefly short JP1 with a jumper or screwdriver. It will now type out a diagnostics message like this:

JVSPAC version 0.1
---- JVS state information ----
1 I/O Boards found
node 1 primary node for JVS-PAC
JVS requests 820
JVS acks 820
JVS errors 0
0 credits in slot 1
0 credits in slot 2
---- I-O BOARD 1 identification ----
---- I-O BOARD 1 info ---
JVS version 2.0
JVS command format revison 1.1
JVS communucation system version 1.0
Number of players 2
Number of inputs per player 13
Number of coinslots 2
Number of analog input channels 8
bits pr channel 0
Number of general purpose driver outputs 6

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