JVS-PAC installation

jvspag image

First time use

  1. Make sure your cabinet is correctly set up for JVS. If you can play Naomi games, you're good to go.
  2. Connect the JVS-PAC to yourcabinet. Use the "USB" cable that normally goes to your Naomi motherboard, and connect it to the connector marked "JVS".
  3. Power up your cabinet
  4. Connect the JVS-PAC to your computer with a USB cable.
LED1 should now light up, and LED0 should blink. After a couple of seconds both LED's should go dark, and the USB initialization will begin. Windows will now discover several devices, no drivers are required. Verify in Windows Device Manager that 3 new keyboards have appeared, to do this press Windows Key + Pause/Break, choose hardware, then Device Manager.

Mac OS X users

If you're using OS X and the keyboard (MAME) edition, you need to put a jumper on JP3. The reason is that OS X and Windows/Linux process SHIFT/ALT/CTRL differently. Withouth JP3, simultaneous button presses will not work properly under OS X.

You need firmware version 0.7 or later for OS X.

Do not enable this when using Windows/Linux - it will cause problems with simultaneous button presses.

Advanced optional -Firmware upgrade

  1. Download firmware update program and device driver from this site
  2. Disconnect JVS-PAC from computer
  3. Install a jumper on JP1, and reconnect to a PC running Windows.
  4. If this is the first time doing a firmware upgrade, only LED0 will blink while windows is searching for a driver.
  5. When driver is successfully installed LED0 and LED1 will blink alternately. You will find it under 'Custom USB Devices' in device manager. You are now ready to upgrade the firmware.
  6. device in upgrade mode
    If device driver installation is unsuccessful, look for an ‘Unknown Device’ under 'Other devices' in Device Manager. The hardware ID is VID_0FDD / PID_000B. Simply choose update Driver, and navigate to the one downloaded.
      firmware upgrade software
      it is not possible to "brick" the jvs-pac using this program, even if you press the Erase Device button.
    1. First choose "PICDEM FS USB board", this is the JVS-PAC
    2. Load the firmware image by clicking "Load HEX File" and navigate to the downloaded JVS-PAC firmware
    3. Press the program device button, LED2 will light up while upgrade is in progress. This step should take about 4 seconds.

    4. If you get the message "USB Read Failed. Failed with error 6: the handle is invalid." or "USB Write Failed. Failed with error 997: OVerlapped I/O operation is in progress." - restart your computer and/or change USB port.

  7. When update is completed, disconnect JVS-PAC from computer and remove jumper

Advanced optional - Disabling shift key functionality

If you don't want or like the shift key functionality, you can set a jumper on JP2. Be aware that the MAME license does NOT permit operation in a commercial setting.

Advanced optional - Using the USB header on rev 1.6 boards

With rev 1.6 boards, you can plug a USB bracket directly onto the PCB and use a Male-Male USB type A cable. Pins 1,3,5, 7 are 5v, USB-, USB+ and GND.

Advanced optional - Using the USB header, rev 1.0 and rev 1.5 boards

If you embed the JVS-PAC inside a computer case, you may want to use the header instead of the connector. You will need a 0.1" pitch female-female cable. Pin1 is 5V and marked with a triangle on the JVS-PAC. Align the cable so that 5V connects to 5V and GND to GND.
motherboard USB pinout JVS-PAC usb header
you can't find the right cable, but still would like to keep the JVS-PAC inside a computer - you can also use a USB bracket and a standard cable between the bracket and the JVS-PAC.

Advanced optional -Using The JVS header

A standard USB bracket can be used with the JVS header. Make sure that pin1 (red cable) is connected to the pin marked with a triangle on the JVS-PAC. On rev 1.6 boards, there is only one way to fit the connector.
JVS header
You can now connect your cabinet to the USB bracket instead of directly to the JVS-PAC.

Verified I/O Boards

As more people use this device, the list will get longer. In theory, it will work with any JVS compliant I/O controller, but the ones below are confirmed working without issues:

Vendor Model found in notes/links
Sega 837-13551 Ver1.00 Naomi Universal cab The normal version (no jamma connector)
Sega 837-14572 Ver1.00 Lindbergh Univeral cab Image
Sega 838-13683D Ver1.09 Naomi kits JAMMA edge connector image
Sega 838-13683B Ver1.07 ? JAMMA edge connector image
Konami Windy2 I/O Ver 1.0 Konami Windy II cab
Taito JVS/AMP PCB Ver2.00 Taito X2 kits image
Taito JVS PCB Ver2.00 Taito Vewlix cab Image
Namco I/O CYBER LEAD Ver2.02 JPNLED-0100 Namco Cyber Lead cab
Capcom Capcom JAMMA I/O
not supported as of 0.6 (but reported working) - contact me..
Unknown Unknown/unmarked Vewlix Clones
Not supported as of 0.8

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